Legends Real Estate Group

About Legends Real Estate Group

After being in Real Estate for the past 12 years and a broker for over 6, I finally decided I wanted something different. I had worked with great companies and great Broker firms, but it seemed that there was something lacking or that I wanted to do, that could not be done. At the end of 2015, I decided that it was time to venture out on my own and focus on my own Brokerage. I established Legends Real Estate Group so that I could base our work off of the principles and values that are important to me and I feel important to our clients. The main reasons for establishing my own brokerage was that I knew there would be a better opportunity to focus on how I believe my clients should be treated and that some additional services needed to be implemented to uphold my philosophy of “service first” which means my clients’ needs are paramount. I wanted to expand types of services that I can offer to my clients as everyone’s goals and needs are different and I wanted them to have more solutions available to choose from. Our mission is simple: Focus on our how we believe our clients should be treated, by finding the right solution for YOU. Meeting your needs, reaching your real estate goals, and protect your interests. To us, building and maintaining relationships are the keys to success both for ourselves and our clients. We strive to be a personable team that is easy to work with, who provide you with optimal service incorporating our values of trust, transparency, and integrity. We work closely with buyers and sellers to educate and inform them at each step of a transaction with high regard for honest communication and active listening. What is most important and beneficial for you, with a smaller company, is that you will always receive personal service throughout the entire process and never become just a number. I have personally selected the members of our team. They are people that I know and trust to work together with all of our clients. We have come up with Six Areas of Focus for our clients, based on our values and experience: #1 - Marketing Plan & Process #2 - Clear Honest Communication #3 - Availability #4 - Team Support & Agent Backup #5 - Flexible Commission #6 - Value & Easy Exit (For more details on the above areas, visit our "Sell" page) I know that you have a choice of who you work with for your Real Estate needs, but I simply ask you to give us the opportunity to earn your business by demonstrating our services to you. We hope that you will see that all of us at Legends Real Estate Group are here for YOU and welcome the opportunity to work with you.